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OMNI Outdoor Water Filter

OMNI Sand Filter Installation

We also supply & install fiberglass and stainless steel sand filter for residential and commercial establishments.

We recommend you go for stainless steel sand filter because it lasts longer and durable. Fiberglass vessels may tend to crack and degrade after 3-4 years under direct hot sun and UV rays.

With a sand filter, you can

  • Prevent rashes, itchiness and skid allergies,
  • Refreshing showers and baths.
  • No more yellowish and smelly drinking water.
  • Clean and stain-free laundry and many more
  • Filtration density of 10 micron
  • Warranty against corrosion up to 15 years for stainless steel vessel
  • 6 filtration layers: Zeolite Plus, Anthracite, Zeolite, Garnet Sand, Fine Sand, Coarse Sand and Gravel
  • Prolong the lifespan of your water dispenser & water purifier
  • No cartridge replacement
  • Removes silts, mud, harmful organic matters, impurities & suspended particles in raw water
  • Equipped with 3 valves system: Backwash, Rinse and Filter
  • Water pressure is not affected after installation
  • Smoother water flow
  • 80% water saving on backwashing
  • If you want to replace your old water filter, you can choose us.
  • We can help you with the right choice of water filter to replace the existing old water filter.
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 Our installation and service is available in:

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Omni Master Sand Filter

Omni Master Sand Filter





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